The Process

  • Created by two Atlantic City Bartenders

  • Distilled 7 times to produce a pristine, refined spirit.

  • Carefully crafted in 5 gallon batches.

  • Our unique blend is comprised of 11 fresh botanicals, including Guatemalan cardamom and organic spearmint.

  • Most gins land between 94-98 proof, but Alibi Gin sits at a comfortable 90 proof to allow our flavors to be enjoyed without the harsh bite.

  • Hand bottled and labeled by the master distillers.


  • The nose is distinctively floral, with hints of cardamom and juniper hiding in the background.

  • The palate is unlike any other gin - crisp, cool blasts of spearmint and cinnamon.

  • This is not your grandmother's dusty bottle of gin that leaves you reeking of juniper; Alibi's complex blend is best described as clean and refreshing.

  • Unique enough to impress the veteran gin drinker, while also pleasantly surprising enough to convert the vodka drinker.